We bring the American standard of management in our DNA, regarding results and goals.

We count on all the basis and structure of the Group, which allows us to have all the necessary conditions for a prompt service, through our local labour force.

These are fundamental aspects that associated with the management model adopted, make Astec do Brasil a reliable partner for your operation.

Human resources

In Astec do Brasil we work to keep our talented people with us. This is part of our culture and what we bring as heritage from the Group to which we belong.

We work to develop skills, motivation and satisfaction of the people, encouraging them to make the company achieve its institutional objectives.

We understand that the employee, in order to achieve his or her professional success, leads the organisation where they work towards excellence, competitiveness and sustainability.

We seek professionals with:

A team spirit, initiative and proactivity, ease of adaptation and flexibility, good communication and capacity for development.

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Occupational health and safety

Health and Safety: an important issue for all of us.

Just as our commitment to the trust of our customers leads us to invest in equipment, technology and all other attributes that keep us in the higher levels of quality, our commitment to the life and health of our employees leads us to take daily care of everything involving Occupational Health and Safety.

We invest in continuous training, safety equipment and awareness programs.

Having this sense of responsibility is much more than an obligation. It means we care for the life of those who make up Astec do Brasil.

At Astec do Brasil worker safety comes first.

Quality control

Advanced control of the entire production process.

This is one of the aspects that make all stages of our production follow the standards and quality procedures.

The perception of this value of Astec do Brasil starts among its employees:

“In my day-to-day work I can see and live out the experience of working in a company that invests in the adequacy of its procedures to international quality standards by actually believing in them. At Astec do Brasil, this is true. It is not only a necessity or obligation. They invest because they believe and have quality as a true value.”

Felipe Vinhal
Quality analyst at Astec do Brasil

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